Auto Ear Pickup Call Gesture App


Auto Ear Pickup Call Gesture App

Auto Ear Pickup Call Gesture App

Easy to answer phone calls and the simplest way to receive phone calls without touch your phone is with this amazing advanced feature auto answer ear pick up calls.
This auto ear call pickup is a gesture answer call app provides you to automatically answer a call when an incoming call receiving. This is a very useful app for auto-answer incoming calls.
For call answering, you don’t need to press the pickup button; simply bring your phone close to your ears, and it will automatically pick up your incoming call. There are some simple steps and easy to use. This auto ear call pickup tawag sa kilos helps you to pick up your call direct without touch.

Feature of Auto Ear Call Pickup

1. Auto ear pickup call gesture for the answer call
2. Turn on Flash light on incoming call
3. Simple way to pick up incoming call without touch
4. Set toggle for enable to direct speaker mode
5. Easy to use with simple user interface
In some devices supported an auto flashlight during incoming calls. And you can manually change the toggle for on/off speaker mode. When an incoming call you can see caller id and then raise to answer the incoming call.

What Does mean by Auto Ear Call Pickup

Auto Ear Pickup Caller ID application allows you to automatically answer a call after receiving an incoming telephone call.This is very useful when it is not possible to be distracted to accept the call.Here you get a unique customizing caller ID which automatically picks up your incoming call, when you place your phone near your ear.

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