Hi Translate – Chat translator App


Hi Translate - Chat translator App

Hi Translate – Chat translator App

raveling but don’t speak the language of the locals? Want to make friends but worry about not being able to communicate? Can’t understand the original text of the idol’s post? Want to read novels in foreign languages but can’t read them?
With Hi Translate, everything is no longer a problem. Hi Translate can help you communicate with people of any language in any country without barriers, allowing you to have a truly fluent conversation with foreign friends and eliminate communication difficulties.

The Features of Hi Translate – Chat translator App

This app has been very useful since I got introduced to it, I’ve loved and enjoyed using it too and even told others about it. However the experience is no longer as awesome as it used to be, the app is now very confusing to use unlike it’s relative simplicity before the most recent update. I understand that the owners were trying to scale up as should every business, but it’d be preferable if they do it while still taking the user experience as important as scaling up.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Go to the restaurant to order food.
  • Chat with foreign friends.
  • Ask for comments.
  • Buy travel tickets.
  • Talk to clients and give demos.
  • Taking a taxi abroad.
  • Hotel reservations.

What Does mean by Hi Translate – Chat translator App

I really like this app, it has helped out in a lot of situations, but I have to give it a 4 star because of the last update else it might have been a 5 star. The feature to copy and voice pronounce the inputed text has been removed and you can’t freely switch between your two chosen languages anymore I hope this would be worked upon and be worked upon, fixed and brought back in the next update.Love the app, except that switching languages can be a little tricky for instance if I translated a sentence from French to English, there isn’t a reverse button to easily switch the language positions. Have to go through the rigours of first selecting the English language, then changing it to Spanish for instance, then changing French to English before changing Spanish back to French. It’s pretty cumbersome. If this can be fixed, would be a really great app.

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