Home Security Camera – SeeCiTV App


Home Security Camera - SeeCiTV App

Home Security Camera – SeeCiTV App

Great app with few shortcomings. Nothing to complain for except 1. Motion detect recording is time bound with max 60 seconds only. After 60s, evenif something critical is being recorded, it stops and next recording initiates. This looses valuable 5-6 seconds in between recording. 2 App is not compatible with older android version due to which I can’t install it on 2 of my mobile devices. Rectify these and this app will become perfect.

The Features of Home Security Camera – SeeCiTV App

I LOVE this app. I used the free version for about a day before I realized that I needed the premium, because it was so good! I love the motion detection, and that it has different sensitivities, you can’t dictate a target “zone” but with the normal sensitivity I haven’t gotten any passing cars as motion detection. A couple times the phones have frozen when using it free when the motions were back-to-back, but in premium with the longer record, it hasn’t happened. Google drive has a little “encoding” time to see the saved motion, but downloading motion to the phone used as a camera is an option that I like if Wifi goes out, and the alert isn’t uploaded.
  • High quality real-time live Video & Audio Streaming (bi-directional)
  • Up to 1080p Full HD video resolution.
  • High quality bi-directional audio stream.
  • Front/Back Camera as Security Camera.
  • Remote Flash light ON/OFF.
  • Live Video Recording.
  • Enhanced Security for the connection.
  • Powerful Motion Detection and Cloud recording service.
  • Remote control for turn on/off security camera.

What Does mean by Home Security Camera – SeeCiTV App

It’s pretty good and I am thankful for the quick response of the devs to address the issue I was experiencing. Unfortunately, I experienced dilemmas with the motion detection. It would work for a bit then I would have to reset the app. This occurred on a daily basis. When functioning properly the app is fantastic for being a free one! The dev’s have done a good job on the layout and functionality in general. I do recommend giving the app a try to see if it meets your needs.

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