How to clean phone storage step by step

How to clean phone storage step by step



How to clean phone storage step by step 

your Android device will run faster and smoother, store more data, free up memory by cleaning junk, and stay charged for longer. AVG Cleaner is a smart device manager & optimization tool that has let nearly 50 million people worldwide master their devices.Clean your phone to free up storage space, help it run smoother and faster, and boost its speed and performance. Eliminate junk, clear cache, boost memory, delete bad quality, similar or duplicate photos to make more storage space available for the apps, photos, and other stuff you want.

The Features of storage cleaner App

Android becomes sluggish when the battery dropds below 80% charge capacity. It slows the cpu, so the battery will last longer! Applications throw litter around, so you need to clear out the caches every month or so, and hibernate apps, so they dont suck power and use up memory. With AVG, IT only takes one button. OTHERWISE, Android swaps to ssd, which is way slower than ram memory! With AVG you just press one button, and you’re phone is clean and optimized.
  • Uninstall Updates of Preinstalled Apps: replace preinstalled bloatware apps you don’t use with factory versions to save space.
  • Get more space – Remove junk files, uninstall apps, and delete bad or unwanted photos and videos.
  • Improve performance – Use Cleaner to clear cache, remove junk, and identify apps that are slowing down your device (RAM Cleaner & memory booster).
  • Longer battery life – Cleaner’s battery saving feature helps improve your device’s battery life.
  • Hibernate apps – Suspend background apps to prolong battery life and save mobile data.
  • System info – Everything you need to know about your phone on one screen.
  • File manager – Smart File Manager & Storage Cleaner can analyze pictures, files, and apps to help you maximize your Android device’s performance.
  • Junk Cleaner – Clean out any useless junk from your device e.g. cache and app data.

What Does mean by storage cleaner App

This is just really good. It has no ads, it’s minimalistic in its design and interface, it’s convenient and easy to use and it’s extremely useful. This rare to see in a modern Google app. Edit: It lags and glitches and slows down a lot more with the update, and it’s a bit annoying. Also, please add an option to delete files permanently. It’s inconvenient to have to go the Trash-Bin everytime want to actually delete something.

How to Download storage cleaner App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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