How to Download WhatsApp beta version

How to Download WhatsApp beta version

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Friends, do you also want to join the WhatsApp beta version but you are not able to join? Today, friends, I will tell you in this post in a very easy way how you can join the beta version of your WhatsApp. yes t’s nice, if I could add a feature I’d probably add a screen share feature while videocalling. Edit: There’s a screen share feature now but you can’t hear the audio coming from their device, you can only hear their microphone as usual. It’s still a great addition nonetheless 🙂 Also the videocall on laptop is very clunky, when I pick up on laptop the ringtone keeps going and the audio doesn’t work on both sides.Best app. Thank for making communication easy and cheaper than before. One thing I would like though, is for you to allow sharing of anything (text, documents, media. Current you can only share documents and media. Text has to be copied and pasted into the app where you need to send it. But otherwise it’s perfect. Kudos on the offline use.

The Features of WhatsApp beta version

This app is actually very good, but there’re a couple things that are missing from it, it needs an auto-cut feature for statuses, like if I have a video longer than 30 seconds, it should automatically cut it into another status, or make the status time longer, same thing with videos sent in chat, I have videos longer than 3 minutes that I need to share. Also one more thing, I have updated whatsapp but it wont give me the new updates feature.Most infuriating thing you’ve ever implemented to this app has been merging the voice recording button with video recording. It constantly switches when I don’t mean to “double click” it and I absolutely hate it. We already had a recording feature. We didn’t need a selfie recording merged with another button we constantly use. Infuriating and dumb! At LEAST allow us to remove this feature in settings please! Choose “voice recording, video recording or both”.

  • This is very easy.
  • Here you can make video calls along with messages.
  • Everything will be updated first in WhatsApp.
  • This is absolutely free WhatsApp.
  • All your data will remain private and safe.

What Does mean by WhatsApp beta version

I’ve been using WhatsApp for years now,and I love how easy it is to stay connected with my friends and family using this app.The interface is clean and intuitive,making it simple to navigate,and I appreciate the ability to create groups and send messages to multiple people at once.The voice and video call features work great,and I love being able to share photos and videos with my contacts.Overall,I highly recommend WhatsApp to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly messaging app.wpsuraj

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