How to first charge mobile

How to first charge mobile



How to first charge mobile

This app is working so well! My charger is weak and everytime I charge my phone the battery decreases instead of increasing. And I charged my phone for a few minutes while this app is on I was at 85% and I turned off my phone while the app is running in the background, after a few minutes it’s at 100%, normally it would be at 90% instead of 100%. This worked for me and I’m gonna use it while I cant buy a new charger. I suggest you to use this app if your charger is weak.I finally found a great app that takes care of all of my troubles with my phone I have a Pixel 3 running Android 12 and it has such a joke of a battery it is always running out of charge In the middle of everything I am happy with the phone but I wish that Google would have put a much bigger battery in it. With this app. I have a big battery or at least it makes it a big battery by handling all of the apps and things that make a phone slow down. I am so happy with this app.

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I want to thank this person who made this app supercharger pro it really works well for my phone because my phone has stopped on 98% and say it was full charge and this app here put my phone back the way it was on 100% full charge and I don’t never want it to ever leave out to this play store because this app is amazing it really works thank you for that I appreciate it. And it makes me so happy that my phone is back working and charging again.Wonderful!!! Using this app has really helped me find out exactly what was going with my phone. I would recommend it to anyone. Even having to buy certain things to do away with the adds which will give you time to study and learn what it is you are doing. Great job guys for me it was much needed.
  • Turn off background apps (Not available in some cases).
  • Reduce screen brightness to low (70% of the current level).
  • Turn off Bluetooth (Automatic).
  • Turn off the screen rotation (Automatic).
  • Show battery percentage status on the main screen of Super Charger free.

What Does mean by first charge mobile App

This app is actually working, and GREAT! My phone is new but it wasn’t charging very fast and I downloaded this app thinking it would be trash like a lot of others are.. NOPE, this app works GREAT, and it’s FREE!! All they ask is for you to leave them a good review and or a 5 star rating, and after you try it out, I’m sure leaving 5 stars will be no problem for anyone else! Amazing app.

How to Download first charge mobile App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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