How to Hide Free Fire Game in android

How to Hide Free Fire Game in android

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Friends, if you also play free fire game then you want to hide the free fire game in your phone but you can not hide the free fire game in your phone, today in the main post I will tell you that you can hide the free fire game in your phone. How can you hide this post, you can follow it step by step.It’s an awesome app I’ve never saw an app like that. It allow us to hide any app or any photo video in simplest way. Functios are a piece of Cake and I like this very much. I really thankful to its owner to made such an exceptional application for users. Break a leg.This is absolutely amazing.You go in the app and it’s a dial pad if you put in the wrong password you can push the call button,it won’t call the phone it will automatically send you to voicemail.It perfect for hiding my apps.Its also easy to use there is a feture where when I turn my phone over it takes me out of the app!!love it.I really like this a lot but I’d like it if people can choose how the logo would look instead of having another phone app. Like for example, it could look like a game instead of a phone, or some kind of social media logo. Other than the logos, it’s great.

The Features of Apps Hide App

t’s a good app very nice compared to others have used. The only problem i have with it is that i have to double tap the screen which is not good cause anyone can figure it out.It’s Amazing app I love that. Sometime I think how to hide App from phone I search many website YouTube use other app but not working .so lastly I tried . one day I search in play store app hider application I found one of them just I want so now I am very happliy using no problem in this app. thanks for made such great and wonderfull App.

  • Hide photos & videos from strangers or friends asking for your phone.
  • Hide apps and the sensitive information.
  • Hide games or apps from your kids.
  • Hide apps where you have payment information.

What Does mean by Apps Hide App

It’s a very good app It’s so nice to used and hide all the apps you wish to hide. But the only issues that am having with them is there’s a quite add on it.Works great, but it doesn’t really hide the app itself. They broke into our house not too long ago and they forced me to give my banking details. The guy went through my phone in depth, checking what apps I had, he would have found this app hider…… Please rename it or change the icon or make it so that the user can change the way it appears amongst the other apps.This app is good for me So far it has solve my problem. Disguised feacher really works great Just the an app I hid couldn’t fashion well and closes on its own shortly after I opened it You need to work on that please.


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