How to Set background photo in phone dialer

How to Set background photo in phone dialer


How to Set background photo in phone dialer 

Set your photo or other’s photo on keyboard. Photo Phone Dialer comes with video effect, particle effects, photos, animations, dialpad photo and button styles. Customizing your phone dialer is very easy, just choose your favorite particles, image, button style and you are done.Set Photo On Phone Dialer with easy phone dialer. Apply Video Particle effects on your photo phone dialer.Make it interesting & Beautiful with animation, graphics, particle effects.We came with full feature Phone Dialer with your Photo on it. Now easily set Your photo on phone dialer. My photo Phone Dialer comes with many phone dialer background effects & wallpapers.

The Features of Set background photo in phone dialer App

This app is amazing but it only let’s you pick a picture or video for you call and it sets to all of the contacts. I was wondering if you could change that. Like if you could make the picture or video and select witch contact you want that to be on. Please fix that but besides that love the app.
  • Easy phone dialer for android.
  • Set Beautiful pictures as phone dialer background.
  • Set custom color filter for your photo for better visibility.
  • Daily new Video effects, beautiful wallpapers, live wallpapers to set on phone dialer screen.
  • Show Particle effects on phone dialer.
  • Set dialpad photo, video effect, animations particles and caller theme on your phone dialler and call screen.
  • You can set any Photo on Phone Dialer.

What Does mean by Set background photo in phone dialer App

Photo Caller Screen Dialer is a simple and user-friendly app that ultimately makes your work easier. In this app, users require an internet connection to be on. Users have to modify settings permission for setting ringtone & contact photos. Users have to import & export their contacts from this app. Users can dial the number manually & they can dial the number through speech recognition technology. Users can get all their contacts & favourite contacts in one place in this app.

How to Download Set background photo in phone dialer App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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