Mobile khud batayega kon apka phone use kiya hai


Mobile khud batayega kon apka phone use kiya hai


Mobile khud batayega kon apka phone use kiya hai

Use Third Eye and catch all the mobile snoopers with ease. The Third Eye app will ease your task of catching your friends and family while they try to access your mobile. Third Eye will take a photo while someone tries to access your mobile with the wrong PIN, Pattern, or Password. You can catch the snoopers red-handed using this app. It provides a lot more cool features.I was feeling better for using this app. Because this is a wonderful apps. They are working very well I noted this point the picture save automatically Google drive this better feature.

The Features of Intruder Detection selfie App

A app for whom whose phone is personal ( includes me too ). Very nice and wonderful app . I would like to suggest one feature – Please add this feature . * To take photo when there is wrong fingerprint as mostly we have and also prefer fingerprints instead of patterns , pins and other security features. Overall , it is a very nice app. Very helpful and useful app for security.
  • The app automatically takes a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN, Pattern, or Password.
  • Notification about wrong attempts while you unlock the lock screen.
  • Last Unlock Time feature will show you the previous lock screen unlock time. With that, you can easily find if someone used your mobile without your knowledge.
  • A detailed photo logs of the mobile snoopers.
  • A lot more customization settings.

What Does mean by Intruder Detection selfie App

It works well, it has in app ads, which is acceptable and I support the decision for ads, but maybe dial it down a little. It does what it tells you it can do well and it uses your front camera to take a picture of the intruder. The map also works well. I didn’t expect this app to be able to email me within seconds that someone is on my phone; I think that this is one of the best features on this app (can also disable it). Would recommend for most people.

How to Download Intruder Detection selfie App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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