My photo phone dialer App


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My photo phone dialer App

My Photo Phone Dialer, call my photos is app personalize your calling dial screen. Place a photo of your choice to make a dial screen of your own. Customize it the way you want it and stop using the boring phone’s calling dial pads.The app is really good and i give it 4stars only it will be better if you improve on image. Here i mean when settiing image n background let it be in full resolution not to crop it and it remain half of it.

💥💥Request permissions💥💥

Here we explain all important permissions that our app requests. These permissions are necessary for our app to perform certain features.
👉Receive incoming call and process outgoing call there permissions need for default dialer application
👉Read, write call log search call log, display recent calls
👉Directly call phone numbers: this permission allows users to make calls quickly and easily by the phone button on the chat page.
👉Read your contacts: this permission allows Color SMS to get the contacts of the messages and choose contacts when users create a new message.
👉Take pictures and videos / Record audio: These permissions work for the feature MMS when you want to send a photo or audio to others.

What is default dialer application

My photo phone is basically an application that allows to handle incoming calls and dial a number. Therefore, the application needs to be selected as the default dialer application to be able to perform basic functions such as sending and receiving calls.
I can use My Photo phone without default dialer permission. All call-related features will stop working if the application is no longer the default dialer application

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