Phone ke niche apna naam kaise likhe


Phone ke niche apna naam kaise likhe


Phone ke niche apna naam kaise likhe 

Navigation Bar for Android” application can replace a failed and broken button for those people who has trouble using buttons or navigation bar panel is not working properly.This application can also replace on-screen navigation bar and add more function such as long press the button to do some action.This app provides several features and colors to make awesome navigation bar.It is easy to swipe up and down navigation bar as assistive touch.Lock screen (for Android O and below require Device Administrator activation, If you already activate Device Administrator and you want to uninstall this application, it need to deactivate Device Administrator first. There will be an uninstall menu in ‘Help’ section to help you easily uninstall this application.

The Features of Navigation Bar for Android App

Fantastic app, worked much better than I thought it would. The best thing about it is the very simple and clean layout for the options, has everything you want and nothing extra you dont. One thing it is sorely and bizarrely missing though is an option to mute sound/speaker in the media controls section. Baffling it is not there. Otherwise a great app.
  • Auto hide navigation bar with user-selected duration.
  • Easy to swipe up/down to show/hide navigation bar.
  • Swap button position between back button and recent button
  • Single press action : Home, Back, Recent.
  • Long press action for back, home, recent buttons. (See below for list of actions).
  • Ability to change navigation bar with background and button color.
  • Ability to set navigation bar size with height.
  • Ability to Set vibrate on touch.
  • Options to adjust “Swipe up sensitivity”.
  • Options to hide navigation bar when keyboard appear.
  • Options to lock navigation bar.

What Does mean by Navigation Bar for Android App

I only have to thank you cause i though it was my touch problem but not, these works perfectly and they got the same spots as the default, but they actually works i can’t explain but thanks some developers put effort to make this apps when the company that develops phones doesn’t.Was working great until a few weeks ago. It keeps closing on it’s own after some time. Maybe 8-10 times a day. It only takes pulling down the shade and hitting the persistent notification twice to bring it back. I’ve been on the 13 beta for a month or so. I just wanted to get some feedback from you if 13 beta is a known issue or could it be something else. Even with this little issue, it’s still well worth running it so I can swap buttons without rooting it. Pixel 6 pro btw.

How to Download Navigation Bar for Android App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Download link – 

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