Top 5 Free Video calling App in india

Top 5 Free Video calling App in india

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Friends, if you also want to make a girlfriend online and do video calling online only from girls, then you are looking at the right post and this is the post, as I will tell you, you have to follow it like this and step bye step. You have to download one app from the other and after that you can make direct like to live video call only with girls.Wow what a nice app. Very nice it usefully to find new friends in various places. App is very past and very clear quality. Wish to developed new options to this app.

1. Tumile – Live Video Chat

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Tumile is a real-time live video chat app helping its users meet friends globally! At Tumile, our objective is to build a global community where anyone can safely connect with interesting people in near real-time.The Tumile team is constantly working on improving the app to help facilitate better connections. We are building technology to offer users an incredible experience when matching, video chatting or when using real-time translation.This app is great place to talk to many different women of various backgrounds. The price per coin isn’t expensive and the UI is very easy to maneuver unlike other apps. However I do wish that there was a 1 minute trial period when interacting with a caller before coins are deducted.I like how the Tumile team is so committed to seeing to it their app is the most effective it can be! The extraordinary attributes that allow individuals to conveniently match, video conversation, and use real-time translation make it so much less complicated to get in touch with individuals all over the world. Extremely recommend this application.

The Features of Tumile – Live Video Chat App

Tumile is an excellent application for satisfying brand-new pals and also making connections with people from around the world. The application is extremely simple to use and is excellent for those that wish to get in touch with people in real-time. The app is continuously growing and including brand-new features, so there is constantly something brand-new to check out. Overall, Tumile is an exceptional app for anybody seeking a means to connect with brand-new people.I think this is a good app and frequently visit the only one problem I have is just recently I had to get a new pre- paid master card and when putting in my details I accidentally put a wrong expiry date and now I cant recharge ive tried contacting customer service but have had no luck it just keeps saying my card is blocked due to authentication issues..which is pretty annoying .what you need is to have real people to be able to assist customers who have problems and not bots that just make it hard to get anything sorted.

  • Quick match with random people.
  • Smooth video call experience.
  • Instant video chat with people you like.
  • 100% real profiles with videos and photos.
  • Add friends and send messages to stay connected.


2. Para Me – online video chat App

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Para Me is a platform dedicated for you to find new friends and enjoy fun online video chat. If you are bored with a monotonous life or trying to expand your social circle, it is the right app for you.Really good to chat with others around the world 🌍 meet up with people around the world 💖 Well maybe find your love of your life.Its a nice, genuine and reliable app. While searching a dating friend on this app, I found a woman of my choice. She too has developed a liking for me a little bit. Now Iam planning to meet her. Thanks Para me.

The Features of Para Me – online video chat App

It’s a nice app to know and meet other people’s but I’m new on this app but I got no coins it’s there a way so I can get those coin so I can add anyone.A very good entertainment informative platform, kind of infotainment , nice experience with children, women and men.try it, do get a good peaceful background and you have to be decipline and decent with one another if you want a good match.My experience with this app gives it a 3 out of 5 stars because it depends upon how you use it. If you use it to try to find a potential match there is other places to go. You will find yourself spending a lot of money on coins for 7 minute interactions and getting nowhere. On the flip side of that if you want to purely meet and interact with people it is pretty good for doing that. From the 8 hours that I’ve spent on this app there it are a wide variety of people around the globe on it.

  • Start a live video chat with a gentle tap.
  • Go beyond geological boundaries and make international friends.
  • Find interesting souls through OnCam live interaction.
  • Video Chat and enjoy meaningful social contacts.


3. iYeah – Live Video Chat App

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iYeah Video Chat app — Live stream, interesting story and instant video chat with people from all over the world! With lots of users from all around the world, you can meet people from different places worldwide, all through the unique experience of facny video show free video chat, live voice chat, and instant message chat! Just a swipe of your finger, iYeah gives you the Whole world.This is the most beautiful app ever it’s real grate you can find friends and chat video call and anything they talk about there self and very honest I like the because your friends is very nice to you.This app is really really good on its own way if you know what I mean there are people from many countries to talk.

The Features of iYeah – Live Video Chat App

This is such a wonderful app to use. The interface is actually really pleasant and user friendly. Plus it lauches very quickly and the colors are great. I love how real the interactions are and how fluid the converstions get. Things can get pretty intense and there’s always a surprise. I would strongly advise everyone to try this application. Plus it is free so you can of course feel free to install it on your mobile phone and have a wonderful blast when you have some alone time and don’t know.One of the best dating app you can find. I even compared it with others dating app tigo still the best. So I give 5 stars for this program . I suggested you extented the time to at least one minute.

  • Facny Video Show.
  • Live Video Chat.
  • Instant Message.
  • Real-time translation.
  • Interesting and Safe community.


4. AsChat – Live Video Chat App

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Aschat allows you to have live video chats with cool people around the world anytime. You can simply select a country and find someone interesting with just one touch!Start your friendship journey on is a cool app, just joined last week, andd have enjoyed a lot on this application, it was different from the others have downloaded before, so cool, I think I will subscribe self, because this application is actually fun and cool, try it out.It is a really very good apps for know the all the new people of different country. And it’s very helpful to know unknown different country peesons. I really really enjoyed it.

The Features of AsChat – Live Video Chat App

So far, so good. Thus far, this app has been a breath of fresh air. As a strength, it stands out amongst its peers as they all try to gain footing of some sort in what has become a very competitive field. The primary way it stands out is simply the ease of access it extends to users. Graphics package is above average, too. I will report back about other aspects of functionality as I learn them.It’s an extra-ordinary app one that I would recommend for you all to try and also share it/ an recommend it also to your friend’s and family members that’s if you also like it and also if they’re that type of person/if they like that kind of stuff and so with all that been said please to go and give it a try because that is the only way that you will be able to know and understand The wonderful kind of experience that which I’m talking about okay.

  • High quality video chat.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Support of the back camera and front camera.
  • Brand fashion UI.
  • Free live video chat with people around the world.


5. JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls App

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JusTalk is a FREE high-quality video calling and messaging app for everyone. It’s simple, reliable, secure, private, and fun, so you can enjoy face to face time with family and friends together, and never miss wonderful group or duo moments.This is such a great app to use to communicate with my niece. We leave each other voice messages, draw each other pictures, and even make video calls. Sometimes the video freezes but for a free app, I don’t mind that happening once in a while. It let’s me stay in touch long distance with a child who can’t read or type yet, and I particularly love the drawing feature.Amazing! Just like discord. You can’t share your screen or anything like that but this app is great! I can call my friends with no lag and it is also fun how you can play games while on calls! There are some ads, but they do not interrupt you during calls. In my opinion, Justalk is a great app to call friends and family, and it’s kid friendly! -If you would like, your child can use Justalk kids, it’s also the same thing, kid friendly, and fun.

The Features of JusTalk – Video Chat & Calls App

This app is great, it is perfect for someone like me who’s phone doesn’t allow them to video call, the fun games you can do while calling are great when a friend has to go and stays on call! It can sometimes be a little slow, and takes a while to load but other than that this app is amazing. The moments are funny to use, and texting and normal calling works great.I am in a long distance international relationship that requires video calls and I have used no less than six different apps this is by far the very best!!! It has a bunch of awesome features where you can sit there and doodle and draw and type messages and put Emojis right on the video conference, and both parties can see everything you’re doing in real-time this is by far the best app.

  • Free Phone Calls.
  • Group Video Calling App & Group Messenger.
  • Capture the Moment.
  • Online Meetings.
  • Connect with friends and family.


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