Video Splitter – For WhatsApp App


Video Splitter - For WhatsApp App


Video Splitter – For WhatsApp App 

New Design of this Application makes it very simple you can only two taps away for sharing the full-length video as WHATSAPP Status.Splitting Videos based on duration on mobiles is Very difficult, now with this app you can split your videos based on duration within moments, and it will work completely OFFLINE, so no network data is used.
And you don’t need to open WHATSAPP to select Split videos for status, this app will open the Share Page, then Select WHATSAPP and share as your status or with friends (Refer Screen shots).

The Features of Video Splitter – For WhatsApp App 

Nice idea. The videos are shared correctly. But they are not trimmed correctly. Some of the videos have are darkened and some just freeze. The idea is nice. Please work on the splitter and this is a solid 5 star app. Thanks for automating the thing that I find the worst in Whatsapp.
  • Completely free without any ads and no user data is collected.
  • Split your videos seamlessly into 30 seconds or custom splits for WhatsApp and other social media platforms.
  • Split videos into custom duration clips according to your preference.
  • Extract one clip from the video based on your desired start and end times.
  • Manual mode to split videos at desired positions.
  • Easy to select single or multiple videos from library and share them.
  • Option to customize video and audio quality settings to fine tune either the file size or quality.

What Does mean by Video Splitter – For WhatsApp App 

I like this app better than other. Original video quality split is faster and works well. No issues where file storage if you read what app says.The file size of the splitted one should be lesser than complete file size so that the total size of splits should be equal to the actual file size. Also the quality of the file should match the actual file. Voice mismatch should not be there. Please rectify all of the above.

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