Voice Call Dialer App


Voice Call Dialer App

Voice Call Dialer App

Voice Call / Dialer is a simple app which enables voice dialing / calls on Android smartphone. To use voice dialer you have to have installed Google Voice Search and be connected to the internet. The usage of the app is simple just say the voice command that matches the contact name in your contacts list and it will automatically be dialed.This app is quick and easy to use, simply tap the app icon, speak the name of the person you wish to call and the app dials that person up immediately with no hassle. The app never has a problem with my pronunciation and it can display all your contacts or not on screen within the app. You can set a delay or not before connecting and dialling after you speak the name of the person you wish to call.

The Features of Voice Call Dialer App

I have been looking for a easy simple voice dialer for quite some time and tried out probably a half a dozen. this one is quick easy and does not have a lot of hoops to jump through to get a connection. it’s very simple, very easy and dialeds up in matter of seconds.I rate this app very highly. it works for me.
  • choose interval between picking up a contact and dialing.
  • the most simple voice dialer on google play store.
  • autorun enabled/disabled.

What Does mean by Voice Call Dialer App

One of the best calling app I have found that once they’re in your contact list that you can use this to just say their name and it will call them. I would recommend this for anyone who forgets the number or you don’t want to go through your whole contact list to find the number.

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