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WhatsApp lock App


WhatsApp lock App 

Perfect AppLock! lets you protect any applications you want with PIN, Pattern or Gesture. You can lock: Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera, USB connection, Settings and any apps you choose.It works. But It really needs an update, some features do not work in my device, and it stops working after a while. The service notification is still there, yet none of all the apps I blocked is blocked indeed. Please fix it. I really love all the features this app offers, it’s a lot much more complete than any other locking app, but an update is really urgent.

The Features of WhatsApp lock App

It’s an okay app. It’s got some issues though. It’s not as secure as you make it seem. For example, I add a lock to my Facebook messenger and the chat head pops up on the lock screen, which you can click on and bypass the password. Also, it’s a bummer that it doesn’t work for folders or shortcuts that I create and/or add to my home screen.
  • Lock any apps by using pin,pattern or gesture.
  • Screen Filter support: Effectively manage screen brightness of individual apps.
  • Rotation Lock support: Prevents unwanted screen rotation on each apps.
  • Watchdog : After 3rd failed password attempt, built-in camera takes photo of attacker.
  • Lock WiFi, 3G data, Bluetooth, Sync, USB (MTP is not supported).
  • Lock Home Screen, Lock Outgoing Calls, Lock Incoming Calls, Lock App Install/Uninstall.
  • Time, WiFi based locking policy supported.
  • Fake Popup : Displays fake error message when locked app is launched.
  • Minimum resource used.

What Does mean by WhatsApp lock App

AppLock can lock apps, photos, videos and other private data with password lock or pattern lock. IVY AppLock is a free app lock and privacy guard to prevent intruders & snoopers from peeping at your private data, hide sensitive photos and videos by encrypting your Gallery, keep children or snoopers away from messing up your settings, deleting important things or making in-app purchase. Customize app lock settings as you want, more secure and smart to lock all privacy in one small AppLock.

How to Download WhatsApp lock App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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