WhatsApp Old Version Download kaise kare

WhatsApp Old Version Download kaise kare

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Friends, if you also want to download the old WhatsApp, then how will you be able to download it, I will tell you in the post, please see it carefully and follow it step by step.The new version of Whatsapp is not very good because the options for call, status, etc, are now present below. The real problem is that the screen area is smaller than before, and if we have to find our relatives’ contacts,we scroll like anything, and even it is taking more and not looking good. You are understanding the point, right? Your regular user.The app works as it should for the most part, you can’t really complain about calls and chats. One recent feature update worsened the user experience significantly, however: The new emoji/sticker/etc. organization is frankly horrible and I don’t see any reason why the old one should have been changed, as it worked perfectly fine. The new one is clunky and glitchy and simply is not optimized for ease of use. This is especially noticeable with the stickers. Atleast let us choose between displays.

The Features of WhatsApp old version

I like the app, overall. I did notice, however, in the latest update when using emojis, it causes the text input box to jump to the top of the screen, making the interface really awkward and sometimes frustrating to use. I’d also like to see an option to mute a video call. For example if you’re chatting on a video call on loud speaker and suddenly need to mute the conversation temporarily. 84 people found this review helpful Did you find this helpful?.I love this app and frequently use it as my main way of contacting friends and family. I like the fact that there are many different ways you can say what you want, whether through photos, voice messages, stickers, gifs, emojis, your status or just directly through a message. I also use the poll feature a lot, especially when trying to organize something with friends, and I want to see who can come or not. My only request/issue is that you can’t edit messages after they have been sent.

  • Find friends and family.
  • easy to use.
  • Post status updates & use Facebook emoji to help relay what’s going on in your world.
  • Share photos and your favorite memes.
  • Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts.
  • Find local social events, RSVP, and make plans to meet up with friends.

What Does mean by WhatsApp old version

I like WhatsApp, and people also like whatsapp, it’s among the top instant messaging apps available. I have a suggestion for the next update: please consider adding a ‘recycle bin’ feature. This would prevent chats, voice notes, or other media from being permanently lost due to accidental deletions. For instance, my tutor recently lost over an hour’s worth of lecture due to an unintentional tap on the delete button. Consider this suggestion please. EDIT: Users should be able to upload any recorded audio to their status.”WhatsApp is the ultimate messaging app! It’s fast, secure, and the voice and video call quality is top-notch. A true essential for staying connected with loved ones.” “WhatsApp is a lifesaver for global communication. It’s intuitive, reliable, and its end-to-end encryption ensures my privacy. Simply the best messaging app out there!” “WhatsApp is the gold standard of messaging apps. With its constant updates and features like disappearing messages, it continues to impress.wpsuraj

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