WhatsApp par bina online aye message kaise kare


WhatsApp par bina online aye message kaise kare


WhatsApp par bina online aye message kaise kare

Want to read and send messages without appear online(no last seen,blue ticks), No deleted message and Status Save for WhatsApp?Offline Chat for WhatsApp is a simple application that enables you to read your incoming Whatapp messages, voice note, images and videos.also you can send messages without appearing online, no last seen, recovery deleted message and without showing blue ticks arrows anymore.

The Features of Offline Chat for WhatsApp

Works great, if you don’t want to appear online, it’s a great app. Read the conversations and answer them without speaking online, and without the annoying blue check. Only problem though, it’s full of ads.It’s good to see that here is very nice app for offline chat…but if possible please add few feature to be in a best list. 1- Audio massage options need to add 2- Msg send status we can see atleast 3- replied on msg option isn’t there 4- too much ads was there even while opening the app it’s take time 5- last seen we haven’t seen in this please add 6- if possible please add location sharing too. Will really appreciate your efforts and support.
  • Receive message and reply without changing your last seen.
  • Restore and recovery deleted message and media (:Voice notes, Images, Stickers:).
  • Receive and listen voice message.
  • send and see Picture and Stickers.
  • Easy to Save & share status(Story) for WhatsApp(Status save).
  • chat directly with WhatsApp user without saving in contacts(Direct Chat).
  • make voice and video call without appear online.
  • Notify when anyone deleted messages or media.

What Does mean by Offline Chat for WhatsApp

The app is nice. But at the same time it would be better if the app was able to read the call logs and we directly whatsapp to the number without doing the copy paste work. For example if I am going to receive a call from a number not in my contact, at I need to copy paste the number to the app. If the app has the feature reading the call logs, I can directly WhatsApp to the number.

How to Download Offline Chat for WhatsApp

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Link – 


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