How to call anyone by unknown number

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How to call anyone by unknown number

Calling someone with an unknown number, where your identity is masked or hidden, can be done for legitimate privacy reasons, but it’s crucial to ensure that any method used complies with legal and ethical standards. It’s important to note that using unknown numbers to harass, prank, or deceive people is often illegal and unethical.the best app ever, I have been using for years. when I changed my phone, I was not getting calls , it just wasn’t ringing it would just show I had I missed call, but I would get messages. after playing with it for a while I figured it out that the app needed access granted to contacts, after I granted access to my contacts it works great! I hope this helps others.

If you have legitimate reasons for wanting to call someone without disclosing your phone number, here are several methods you can consider:

### 1. Use Caller ID Blocking on Your Phone
Most phone services allow you to temporarily disable caller ID for a single call by dialing a prefix before the number you’re calling. In many places, you can dial `*67` followed by the phone number to block your caller ID. This method prevents your number from appearing on the receiver’s phone.

– Dial `*67-555-123-4567` and press the call button.

Use a Virtual Phone Number by Free unknown number App

Virtual phone number services like Google Voice, Skype, or Burner allow you to obtain a secondary number that you can use to make calls or send texts. These services often provide options to choose how your caller ID appears to others.

– **Google Voice** gives you a number that you can use across devices, which can mask your real number.
– **Skype** allows you to buy a number and make calls via the app, hiding your actual phone number.
– **Burner** provides temporary phone numbers that can be used and then discarded.

3. Use a VoIP Service
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and others, allow you to make calls using an internet connection. If the person you are calling does not have your contact information saved, your identity may appear as just a number (or unknown).

4. Prepaid Mobile Phones
Also known as burner phones, prepaid mobile phones can be purchased with cash, and you can use them without tying the number back to your personal identity. These can be useful for calls where you need to protect your identity.

5. Privacy Apps
There are apps available that can mask your caller ID, providing you with a temporary number or allowing you to spoof your number. These apps need to be used responsibly and legally.

Legal and Ethical Considerations
– **Legal Use**: Always ensure that you are compliant with local laws when using any method to mask your caller ID. Many jurisdictions have specific regulations about when and how you can legally make anonymous calls.
– **Ethical Use**: Consider why you are choosing to hide your identity and avoid using these methods for harmful or deceitful purposes. For instance, it’s unethical and potentially illegal to use unknown numbers for prank calling or harassing someone.

Whenever you’re considering hiding your caller ID for any reason, reflect on the legality and morality of your actions. It’s generally advised to use these methods responsibly and transparently where possible. If calling anonymously is necessary for safety or privacy, ensure that it’s done without violating others’ rights or laws.

What Does mean by unknown number Free call App

An “unknown number free call app” typically refers to mobile applications that allow users to make calls without revealing their real phone number to the recipient. These apps often use internet-based communication technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), to place calls, enabling users to mask their identity or appear as an “unknown number” or “private number” on the recipient’s caller ID.

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