Screen Lock – Time Password App


Screen Lock - Time Password App



Screen Lock – Time Password App

ScreenLock TimePassword With the help of this app, the current time will be set in the lock screen of your phone, when you want to unlock the phone, you have to add the time shown across the screen, then your phone will be opened. Nobody knows about this system except you. So you can stay safe from the password.

The Features of Screen Lock – Time Password App

Here comes App Lock – Time Password (Dynamic Password) for the rescue.You can make your phone current time its app lock screen password.And time changes every minute, so does the password too, so no one can even guess it.
  • Support Break-in Alerts and know who is trying to break-in.
  • 100% safe and secure App Lock- Time Password.
  • Support Fingerprint.
  • Reverse Pin Modifier – Apply Reverse mode of your Current Lock either it is your Current Time, Own Security Pin or Pin+ Current Time.
  • Unlock vibration enable/disable.
  • Change Lock screen background with attractive background wallpapers.
  • Enable or disable the Live Time Password screen lock anytime.
  • Time for Password is tricky trap and create dynamic password to improve the security.
  • Easy & useful app using current time password.

What Does mean by Screen Lock – Time Password App

It’s a pretty awesome app.It does the work it promises and also comes up with the bunch of features.The only problems that I faced with this app is that 1. Whenever I try to open an app ( which is Not in recent apps ) the app crashes and I have to reopen the app from Application list. 2. The same problem when I try to switch apps frequently, sometimes it open the app sometimes it doesn’t. Please fix this . Appreciate the good work.

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