Online Free Live video calling App


Online Free Live video calling App

Online Free Live video calling App 

Free video chat is a FREE high-quality video calling and messaging app for everyone. It’s simple, reliable, secure, private, and fun, so you can enjoy face to face time with family and friends together, and never miss wonderful group or duo moments.It is a really good app! Edit: There is some bug in the chat box. Everytime someone send a message, it gets grouped with their other messages, spoiling the real-time chatting! Also, it would be really great if more than two people could be on a call, because otherwise it turns into a meeting and all the Fun options are not available. Please incorporate this requests.

The Features of Online Free Live video calling App 

App is amazing it just needs to improve the call quality because sometimes it sounds muffled when I’m on a call with my friends. So if you guys can take a look at that I would rate this app 5 stars! 😊 But overall I love this app just need to fix the calling feature.It’s perfect! The audio for facetiming is spot on, messging is fast. You can change the color, and be able to tell whether or not someone has read your message. Overall it’s an amazing app.It’s a good app! I use it daily. The only reason it isn’t 5 star is because sometimes the app acts wonky..and you can change the color of the text bubble. I used gray and they took that color off along with black and white. I’m dissapointed and I hate having the color text an off blue color instead of gray, but that isnt much of an issue. Its mostly only 4 because of the occasional wonkiness.
  • Doodle together on duo faces together.
  • Play games together among duo faces.
  • Recording beautiful moments by the video recorder.
  • Send each other Emoji, stickers, text, photos, GIFs.
  • Create as many group cloud meetings as you like to make voice calls or video calls with family, friends, strangers, or business teams with up to 50 people.
  • Easily control the group call and send messages, photos, and videos.
  • Share screen with friends together over mobile phone or tablet.
  • Smart meeting scheduling and appointments reminders.

What Does mean by Online Free Live video calling App 

This is an amazing app! The setting up is so easy and it is great for kids. It may not blur out bad words but other wise its great for kids! If you click a link or send a friend req, they give you a multlipication. The only bad side to it is that if you send someone a friend request, they have to accept it to become friends. It also doesnt give you an alert when someone sends you a friend request which I think is stupid. So maybe add that feature? But otherwise, a great app.

How to Download Online Free Live video calling App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

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